Thursday, June 3, 2010

To The Sea ~ A Mojo Music Review

Music is a big part of my life, and a big part of my art. Music fuels me when nothing else will..when I think I'm too tired, when I think I have nothing in me to put on the table (the worktable, that is). Even if I'm not listening to anything while I work...I'm probably singing something or at least hearing the constant playback in my head. ;) Music, to large degree, IS my mojo.

So it only follows that I do music reviews. I'm always getting new or new-to-me music...might as well share it!

Jack Johnson's newest album To The Sea came out on Tuesday. I am shocked and amazed that it took me til today to download it, since I am a devoted Jack Johnson fan. I just finished my first listen to the entire playlist and.....

Well. Y'know... there's really only one legitimate criticism that could be leveled at Jack Johnson's music over the years. I've heard it, you've probably heard it "It all sounds the same". Which, if you're a fan, isn't really a problem. Jack Johnson's laid-back, groovitational, surfer-dude, put-me-in-a-hammock-and-pass-me-a-margarita mellowness is exactly why Jack is Jack. It's what we love about him.

But you cannot say that about To The Sea. It's still Jack. It's still groovy. But it's Jack with....more. It's so exciting to see, or in this case, hear an artist's growth. The songs on To The Sea are rich with funky rhythms, stylistic change-ups, meaningful lyrics, and a sense of drive and excitement that I personally just didn't feel on Sleep Through The Static, though I do like that album. (I like ALL his albums) You can really hear and feel that Jack and the other great musicians (Zach Gill is the bomb-diggety, yo) are having FUN doing that groovy thing they do.

Every song is strong. I don't think I can even pick a favorite. But I know I fell in love with You and Your Heart within the first two bars. My Little Girl is a father-daughter song to rival Paul Simon's Father & Daughter. And I was grinning ear to ear when I recognized the familiar sounds of ALO on Red Wine, Mistakes, and Mythology.

I made several outstanding cuffs while listening to this. It totally rocks. I give a Monster Mojo rating for extreme awesomeness. Suitable for all kinds of positive creation and a general good-time. Kids. Try this At Home.


  1. Oh wow, I am so glad to read this! I love Jack Johnson, too, but I have to say, I was getting kind of bored with all of his CDs sounding the same. When I saw your blog title, I thought, "What's the point in getting another one?" But after reading this, I want to listen. He's got so much soul, but sometimes the mellowness of his music doesn't allow you to plumb its depth. I want exactly what you described - *more* & growth. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. ooh, I hadn't heard about the new CD - I love Jack Johnson. And Ben Harper.... one of my all-time favorites too.