Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birth Of A Studio ~ Part 3

Patience is a virtue.

I am not virtuous.

It is very, very hard to cope with the idea that my studio is not DONE yet. And yet, we have been unpacking for less than a week. Our stuff was delivered last Tuesday...and the movers weren't done unloading until 5:30pm. All we did was eat, assemble beds, and collapse. So unpacking began in earnest last Wednesday. Yet I am frustrated that a)my house is not completely in order (though it actually is fairly functional and even somewhat attractive already) and b) my studio is only about halfway done.

Today's tasks involved adventures in spray-paint to start the day. I had a fabulous time blasting my peg-boards. One is in silver, one in chalkboard paint. I can't wait to have at least one of them mounted over my worktable. I may keep one unmounted for using it at craft fairs. Then I got a bit wild and spray-painted an old broken guitar....which made me want to make VERY exciting things. AND then I saw how immensely cool the paper I had been painting on had turned out. So it will be the base for some wall art. And THEN I started having a rush of other ideas.... Total Mojo Overload. And totally torturous since I can't work on ANY of it right now. MojoTease. That's what it is.

Anyway. Tried to organize the studio. Realized I couldn't. I mean LOOK at this.

Can you say Maximum Density?

So I took off yet again to Lowes. Buy stock there, people. I'm doing my bit for capitalism this week. I bought yet another shelving unit. This one is about six feet tall and four feet wide and all metal. I loaded it on the cart and into the van myself, thank you very much. I have a date with ibuprofen, but I feel like a tough-chic and that's what matters.

Then I brought it home and did almost all the assembly MYSELF. I shoulda had my kids video me lifting each shelf six feet up and guiding it onto the poles. I'm five-foot-two, y'know. It had to be entertaining. Like Stuart Little with Tinkertoys, or something. Anyway. It's built, and semi-loaded. And there are glimmerings of the possibility of order out of chaos....

But I have one thing to say.

If at any point in the rest of 2010 you see me out buying leather, fabric, beads, or belts of any kind, scream "INTERVENTION!" and knock me flat. Seriously. I beg you.

I mean it. Too. Much. Stuff. WAY too much stuff. Other than hardware like snaps and rivets, and maybe a few new tools, I don't need ANYTHING to be insanely productive for the next year or so. Fact.


  1. Um, can you erase the "BEADS" from your "what I wont be buying on 2010............. puleeezzzeee!

  2. Well....I don't consider *your* work to be BEADS, per se. I didn't say ANYTHING about clay...or buttons...or cabochons.... Nope. Not a word. ;)