Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Studio Warming Party

Yep. You got it. Toca Mojo, now with VIDEO! :-D I filmed my studio tour this morning with my Flip camera.

Now be nice. I didn't script it...just improv. And I deliberately did not pull out all the stops on my "professional voice". (that voice being the one I used for this commercial . yes. That's MY voice) I am giving away TWO prizes to celebrate the opening of my wonderful new space.

The first is this cuff, the first one made in the new studio.

There are four chances for you to get your name in the drawing.

1. Comment here
2. Link to this post somewhere - be it facebook, your blog, or twitter - and let me know you did.
3. Tell me how many etsy artists' work appear in this video and try to name them
4. Give your opinion on curtains for this room. I briefly mention that in the video and hold up one possible fabric. Thoughts?

The second prize, and how to win it, is explained in the video....so you have to watch it! :D I'll announce the winners of both prizes on Saturday morning. So enter before then!! Hope you enjoy - and welcome to my studio!


  1. great video Jen! love how you shuffled me right out the back door. (FindelaTierra)

  2. Well I didn't KNOW it was YOU, Morgan. You I would have shuffled right up to the kitchen for some spiked coffee and fresh banana bread!

  3. Lovely video. I so enjoyed my little visit with you. I love your voice! I will share this on Facebook and twitter. Also, I also saw one of my favorite artist's artwork adorning your wall, as it does mine as well! That's Aja of Sagittarius Gallery! I like the black with little white circle fabric but think your space calls for something a little brighter, just like you!! I sure hope I win that wonderful cuff! Thanks Tocadora!

  4. yaaaay videos! :D

    i saw miss loneylovey's work, and lisapeterson (i think that's her username), and also sagatariusGallery! :D

    i think you need some rainbows or something, though, from kitty. :P

    and i think that old maternity jumper could make a great set of café curtains or a valance! you just need some sheers, so you can be mysterious behind them. >:3

  5. I miss you! Love your new studio and wish you may wonderful hours in this creative home of yours. *hugs*

  6. That was awesomeness!
    Thanks for showing the gears and buttons! I am so glad they are with you now!

    One of my favorite quotes:
    "Find your center and then plow forward as if no one is watching"

    I have no idea who said it though~
    I love ya!

  7. liked the video - your new space is awesome - I hope you have fun creating here

  8. Wow! I wish I had a space like that for my crafting.

  9. Looking fantastic Jennifer. Wonderful. :)

  10. Oh i miss you! Feels like so soooo long ago that I stayed with you. Was lovely to hear your voice :)

  11. Nice studio... I want free stuff... ;-)

  12. Lock up the spray paint, puhleeeeease!

  13. My friend Stephanie offers this saying for you:
    "Happy Wife, Happy Life".