Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mo mo mo MO Mojo!

I did it. My studio is done. D-O-N-E Done. It's awesome. I love it. And I wanna give you a full tour...but I hafta check with someone first. Another blogger said something about wanting to do a studio tour interview with me, and if she still wants to then...well, yeah. ;) Stay tuned.

In the meantime. I rewarded myself this afternoon for a job well done with a lovely sojourn with spray paint. Sussudio!

(ADHD moment. Did you know that the word Sussudio means...NOTHING. It's a made up word. Phil Collins came up with the notes..the song... and he just kinda babbled Sussudio and decided he liked it. It's supposed to describe the giddy feeling of a youthful crush or something like that. ANYWAY....)

I now have ten+ cans of spray paint, and I'm gonna collect more. I don't plan on taking up graffiti anytime soon, but I DO understand the temptation!

Today I put a final coat on the guitar I started a few days ago.

Here you see it resting on one of my lovely worktables. It's not finished yet. I have big plans that involve wire, beads, and perhaps some brushwork or collage... Hmmmmm. Then there was the djembe. This was a kids' Remo Djembe that belonged to, appropriately, my children. But four boys can take a toll on the material world (and the spiritual too for that matter, Oy). Being used, abused, and left for the sun and sand to denude... well. It was done baby done as a musical instrument. But as a base for a 3D art piece, oh yeah baby!

This will definitely receive a LOT of collage. Plus I'm thinking either some leather and/or metal embellishment. Wait and see!

Then there was the stuffed animal tree. Yes. Stuffed. Animal. Tree. This thing was a thrift store find. It originally was a light wood with pastel knobs and elastic bands hanging from the pegs.... Well, I did NOT buy it for stuffed animals, I promise you. I cut off all the bands and painted my heart out. It's a cuff display, yo. Though right now it's sporting three frames I painted. Eventually they will be filled and hung on the wall. Probably with mojo inducing quotes. ;)

I also painted a battered step stool cherry red to go in my new kitchen. Then I was rather high and sickly from the fumes and it was time to quit. ;)

What really excites me is that..well...these things are not leather cuffs. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. I love making and wearing and selling leather cuffs. BUT I don't wanna just do that. It feels incredible to be branching out into other areas, other mediums, other colors and textures and dimensions! OOH. I'm pumped! And ultimately I know it will feed back into my leatherwork as well. The mojo flows apace and life is good.

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  1. This is sort of off-topic, but one of my brothers had this song he composed that he would play on the piano, for years, all the time. It was sort of a signature tune. It always came to mind when I thought of him when we were older, I wrapped lots of childhood memories around it.

    The last time he was visiting, he put on that Phil Collins album in his truck when we were going out. 'Inside Out' started playing, and I was like, 'Hm. That sounds really familiar. Those notes . . . WAIT.' It was the same bloody song! I called him on it, and he was all, 'Oh, you know. It's like a touchstone. It inspired me.', and I was like, 'DUDE. It's not a touchstone, it's the whole ****** mansion! You're chipping away at my ****** childhood mansion of love with that song! (You were my hero. Now I have none. Sniff).'

    So, all of my childhood memories of my brother were based on a horrible lie unwittingly perpetrated by Phil Collins.

    I can hardly wait to see what you do to the guitar. :)