Friday, May 28, 2010

Strange Foods Fit to Feed On

One way I like to feed my mojo is by savoring information about creative processes that I don't do. It only makes sense that I would spend time on jewelry magazines (love Belle Armoire) as I am a jewelry artist. But why would I feast my eyes on, something like "How to fire raku"? I don't do pottery. (yet) I don't have a kiln. And if I ever do get into making my own raku, it's a long time in the future.

But click the link, yo. Let your eyes drink in those fabulous photos. Be inspired by the glorious colors and shapes, and by the fascinating details of how others have worked through the details in their craft. Looking outside the box of your own area of expertise is a great way to be refreshed and reinvented in your approach. Not to mention, it's fun to find new places to maybe with the wonderful Marianne Kasparian of Maku Studio.

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