Friday, May 28, 2010

Got My Mojo Working

Mojo. Mojo, mojo, MOJO. It's just fun to say. I was going to start with that classic boring essay beginning of defining mojo.... Looked it up here just to make it more fun. But I didn't realize that mojo was so often considered a sex appeal, flirting, turbo-charged hotness kinda concept.

Honestly, to me, mojo is a little more broad-spectrum than just sex.

Mojo is my word for when you've got it goin' on in any facet of your life. I might say I got my cleaning mojo out for the day, or that I need to beg, borrow, or steal some To-Do List Mojo. But more often than not, if I'm talking about mojo, I'm referring to ART MOJO. (would that not be a fun name for a superhero?! Oh NO, my colors are clashing and I lack a focal element!! ART MOJO to the rescue!!!!)

When it's all flowing right...and I'm turning out item after item that pleases me...that's good mojo. When I can't make a decent bit of work no matter how much coffee I drink, or what music I play, somebody STOLE my mojo! And when I create something so beautiful, so out-of-the-box awesome that I sit and stare and go "WHOA. I made that?!" that's uber-mojo, yo. Mm-hmm.

All of that as introduction.... I wanted to start blogging again...but to simply blog day after day about my leatherwork... well, I think that would get boring pretty quickly. But to write under the auspices of "Whatever maximizes my mojo!" now that sounds like fun! So here you will find posts about music, color, life, inspiration, struggles, successes, humor...and yes, even a few stray comments about my actual artwork and processes in the making thereof. I also plan to review the glorious works of others....because few things fuel mojo like enjoying the creativity of your fellow mojo-meisters.

Welcome!! May the Mojo be with you!!


  1. In my mind mojo as a sexual thing is associated with the Austin Powers films. Other than that I've heard it used in the more general sense too.

  2. Mojo is when its all clickin' and something great is in the works and the end result is matter what the endeaver is.

    Great minds think alike, you know.

    This should be an interesting place to visit.