Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steppin' Out With My Mojo

I'm still daydreaming about the future of my new studio... but you know, the proper care and feeding of mojo also involves taking it out of the studio, away from the workspace, and getting it some fresh air. Mojo needs room to breathe, eh?

This time of year, there's something going on just about every weekend that will delight the senses, even if it drains your wallet. ;) Back at the beginning of this month, I was delighted to attend Artisphere, the annual downtown Arts Festival. I actually went twice in one day. In the morning with my mom, and in the evening with my husband and four sons. Needless to say, I did more visual feasting on art in the morning....but in the evening I got my hands dirty. ;)

I wandered starry-eyed and sunburned from booth to booth, drinking in the incredible photography, painting, pottery, metalsmithing, lampworking, woodwork, and more. One display of the most amazing polymer clay work I had ever seen actually made me freeze in place and say "WOW". The artist was quite amused. I had many moments of "Wish I were rich-itis" for the paintings I coveted. And I fell head over heels in love with a sterling cuff that was festooned with bamboo pieces and a single dark pearl. It was sculptural and bold and stunning and I still wish I had bought it. Someday... Ah yes. Someday.

When we came back with the kids, I enjoyed revisiting the booths and showing things to my family, especially my oldest son. He was intrigued by one metalsmith in particular who was doing fantastic things with geometric layers of metal and cold connections. Then we wandered it the more kid-friendly part of the festival. As we meandered, we passed two men working their mojo on the ground...

Just the colors of the chalk make me feel all giddy and happy. Cool, huh? Then we went over the pavillion with activities. My boys sat down to make collages....and did I! The sweet young volunteers who were working the kids' art table were a little startled as I sat down and started gleefully cutting up magazine photos and slinging glue about....for myself. But it was FUN! I haven't done paper art for a long time and I felt so refreshed just playing. Well worth trying again, sayin?

Now true, not every weekend nor every town has an Artisphere. But getting out of the studio, and out of the house, and just looking around can be a great way to rest and recharge. This weekend is a little road-trip to visit family. I probably won't even take any art supplies. (EEK!) But I'll be keeping my eyes wide open for sights that delight....even if it's just the grey beauty of falling rain along the interstate. Go on, Get out!

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